I Love Hate

Yes sir, you got that right… I LOVE me some hate. Before I get into why, let me first explain this blog.

I’ve been pondering this idea for the last couple years and I really didn’t know how I wanted to express myself. All I knew is that hate had become so incredibly toxic in my own life and I feel like it’s tearing the world apart.  

I first set out to remove hate from my life. When hate arises in me whether it be traffic, politics or when McDonald’s doesn’t put the lid on my cup correctly, I sit back, take a breath, and find the good in the situation. In doing so, I’ve found that life, people, and situations that surround me have gotten a lot easier to accept, and this in turn has greatly improved my quality of life.

I came up with the idea that ‘All Hate Matters’ because it’s a bit of a double-entendre. On one hand it’s a blog where I intend to discuss all matters of hate from politics to avocado toast eaters and everything in between. In addition, the name of the blog is exactly what I’m trying to say; All hate matters, it has significance and importance in the world, because there is no good hate. If you’re hating on someone, something, or somewhere, it matters. It matters because it’s toxic to the hater and in general hate is not a way forward. It’s not a way for us to evolve to the next level. The only thing hate does is keep us from understanding each other, communicating, and making the world a better place to live. So ultimately, I want to save the world; one topic at a time. Lofty dreams I know, but ya gotta start somewhere, right?

When I try to talk about hate with people, I leave the conversation like a losing beauty pageant contestant; like I tried to exit stage right then was pushed the other way because I was supposed to exit stage left, tripped on my gown and now I’m stumbling across the stage in shame with my tiara hanging from a tuft of hair, I have lipstick smeared on my teeth, my mascara is running down my face and I have a general feeling of ‘what the fuck just happened?’ I know that sounds a bit over dramatic, but it’s really so frustrating trying to get people to see things in a different light. People get so stuck on making their point on why their hate is justified they refuse to listen to anything that doesn’t support their views.

When I first started writing I had a really tough time because I wanted the title of each article to start, ‘I Hate…’. In my head, when I think of the phrase ‘I hate hate’, it sounds like a perfect I-have-no-idea-what-the-fuck-to-say beauty pageant answer that would end with, ‘… and world peace.’

As a person with ADH<squirrel>D, it’s hard enough to get my point across without getting derailed or diverted to another subject. What I needed was a way to organize my thoughts to clearly and succinctly get out my message out without distraction (and the ability to edit). It’s really hard to get my message out with people trying to inject their opinion, usually hateful, before I’ve even finished my explanation; especially when I start out with “I Love President Trump” (stay tuned for that one). Therefore, I feel this blog will be the perfect medium for this kind of content. 

As I’ve been trying to start this blog the thought of where to start has been swirling in my head. ‘At the very beginning…’ conjures tunes from ‘The Sound of Music’ in my head and how can you think about hate when ‘Do-re-mi’ is dancing through my mind?

Beginning my articles with ‘I Hate…” left me with a lot of topics of hate that I’ve overcome or want humanity to overcome, but not a lot of content to back it up. It was like the hate was holding me back. It wasn’t until I started to lead with ‘I Love…’ that the words started flowing. For this, I really must credit a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”. Whoa! That blew my mind… that’s exactly what I want people to get out of this blog which is to find the love in the world and tone down or eliminate the hate.

So there you have it, I love hate; because as I identify and eliminate it from my life, I’m hoping that I can pass on my experience to others and maybe make this world a little bit happier.

I hope you enjoy the journey with me and learn to love a little more in the process.

Love you!

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