I Love Dog Poop!

There is no greater non-human companion you can have in your life than having a pet. Whether it be a snake, rat, pig, or cat, people love their babies as if they actually birthed them.

Regardless of your pet of choice, dogs are the one pet that causes the most controversy. The root of the problem is the act of picking up puppy presents that inevitably happen during multiple daily walks.

In most cities you can walk down any street that has high doggie traffic and find a puppy pile laying on someone’s lawn or sidewalk. For some people, this is an affront to all that is holy in the universe. How irresponsible could you be, as a dog owner, to not pick up after your child! They go to social media like Nextdoor or post pictured ‘Wanted’ posters around the neighborhood to shame and ‘educate’ the villains. Their speech is hateful and degrading as they try to control the actions of people in their community.

I can empathize with their distaste for this problem as no one wants to go around dodging doggie land mines especially when your eyes are planted on your phone and you don’t see the crap trap before it’s too late.

The way to solve the problem is not by dropping f-bombs, demanding people change their behavior, or playing poop police for your entire neighborhood. The way to make any positive change is through kindness.

When someone feels attacked they are instantly in a defensive position. They’re not listening to your message; they’re defending themselves and their sole goal is to win the argument no matter how many facts, figures, or public statutes you cite supporting your case. In order to affect positive change is to attack the problem from a place of love and compassion.

My personal approach is to just pick it up and poo it forward. I don’t assume the offending feces was intentionally left behind by a thoughtless owner. I’ve been in the position where I’ve run out of bags when my dogs output exceeded the number of bags I brought. Though I do go back to try and find it, sometimes it’s not possible.

Getting angry does nothing but make you miserable. So the take away, other than a poop bag, is to take a kind and gentle approach to change people’s thoughts, behaviors, or actions or just be the bigger person and do a favor for a neighbor. A little love goes a long way.

Love you!

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