I Love Human Beings!

You may have heard of these mythic creatures or maybe even know a few. They do exist and they’re everywhere.! You may even be one yourself.

I want to remind people about human beings because I feel that over the years, particularly more recently, the population has slowly forgotten about the human part in people. I see that individuals are being seen less as human beings and more as belonging to a group or what I call a label.

Instead of being seen as individuals who have different ideas, dreams, goals, preferences, hobbies, creativity, political beliefs, gender, orientation, size, shape, color, age, national pride, and most importantly, love. Love of their family, pets, friends, coworkers, ideas, etc. Everyone is unique and no 2 people are exactly alike so it’s unfair to judge a person based on your perception of the label you’ve slapped on them.

The problem nowadays is that we’re grouped under a label, and as such, we’re accepted or rejected because people have a general preconceived idea of the label and judge the label and not look at an individual’s attributes.

Look at how people judge republicans, liberals, immigrants, etc. They don’t know the people, they just know the label and love or hate accordingly. Even the perceived worst of the worst have some good in them and are loved by someone; like me, because I love all human beings… equally!

As part of my journey of removing hate from my life, I needed to take a long hard look at the people around me. And I had to stop judging people because I didn’t see them as an individual; I saw them as the label; I slapped it on them and judged them accordingly.

The dilemma here is that I was judging people without even knowing them. It wasn’t until I started talking one one one with people of all walks that I began to understand that just because a person is affiliated with a group it doesn’t mean they’re all-in to everything the group stands for. Most of the time, the label describes the crazy outliers and not the people who moderately support an organization or person.

SInce I came to realize individuality, and became more self-aware, I was able to embrace love fully and, consequently, accept every human being into my heart equally. As a result, I stopped judging people completely. Along with this new found love for my fellow human beings, I found love for myself which was sorely lacking my whole life.

Of course there are people who do things I don’t agree with based on my own beliefs, but that doesn’t stop me from loving them. I am able to separate the human from their actions, and as such, I can still love the person but disagree with their actions. I don’t have to let them into my life. I just need to love them and set healthy boundaries so I can avoid conflict and consequently keep them in my heart.

This way of treating people with kindness and not casting judgement has had a profound effect on me not only mentally, but physically and spiritually as I’ve found that loving people means that they don’t live in my head. I don’t have to sit around constantly brooding about how much I hate them.

Hating someone only hurts yourself. It’s like taking poison to kill someone else. The person you hate most likely doesn’t know or care if you hate them or not. Moreover, when you hate, you lose a piece of yourself and jeopardizing your personal serenity. Those who hold on to hate are allowing that person or label to occupy your mind. They then have power over you and can affect you negatively every time they open their mouths.

When you lead with love, you not only get the satisfaction of being the bigger person, but also your mind isn’t clutter with useless thoughts which could be better spent on positive activities.

Love you!

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