I Love Donald Trump

OMG I love Donald Trump!!!! Thank god for Donald Trump!!!! Why? Because hating him is what he wants from us. Hating him gives him the fuel for his fire. When the media reports the hate from the left, it fuels the right to hate right back. All hate matters y’all.

I see him as a human being. A sick human being. Like seriously, you’re hating on someone who has been clinically diagnosed by professionals based on his behavior and mannerisms as having numerous psychological conditions. He’s an addict. He’s addicted to power and money. I pity him. I pray for him, and then I thank him.

You see, Donny is not what’s wrong with this country. Donald Trump wasn’t the sole person who took social services away from the poor and needy; that started 40 years ago. The same with immigration, tax cuts to the rich, inequities between the haves and have nots; the list goes on ad Infinitum. In fact it’s the corruption in politics in general that got him elected in the first place. Corporations buying legislation to benefit themselves, super PACs, gerrymandering, voter suppression, and inequality itself opened up a hole for him to crawl into because people have lost faith in the system.

So why do I love Donald Trump?

1) Because by loving him as a human being, he doesn’t have control of me. I disagree with his actions, but by loving him, like I would any sick person, he doesn’t live in my head. I don’t have this hatred festering inside of me and therefore he has no control of my feelings, fears, or emotions.

2) He’s showing this country all that is wrong with it. Every injustice, all the corruption, all the holes in our democracy are being amplified and if we take this opportunity to come together as human beings to agree on what needs to get fixed instead of focusing on what’s broken, we can emerge from this period in history as a truly better nation. It just takes the courage to put aside emotion, hate, and fear and focus on what will make us better in the long run.

3) He has exposed fake news. After years of watching hundreds of hours of videos that came from ‘the media, I realized that I wasn’t getting news, I was getting carefully curated and edited video to spark a reaction in me and hence earning money for the the 6 corporations that control 90% of ‘the media’. I don’t think Trump understands it; he uses the catch-phrase ‘fake news’ when he wants to deflect attention away from anything that would disturb his narrative as a great leader to his base. But the fact is, that most of the reporting Americans consume, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, as well as print media are controlled by 6 corporations… Comcast, Time Warner, News Corp, Disney, Warner Brothers, and CBS own and control 90% of ‘the media’. Then social media and Google serve up video based on our own confirmation bias needs to keep us engaged in consuming videos that give us that dopamine hit that we’re on the right side of history. The truth is, we’re all at fault for placing all that is wrong in this country squarely on 1 person. There are thousands of people both past and present that have put this country into the state it is right now. Constantly banging on the president does nothing to repair the problems in this country. All it does is sow further and further division between each other while taking our eye off the ball of all the problems that have nothing to do with the president and the people behind it. Apart from all that, these for profit entertainment television commentary ‘news’ channels run what amounts to free advertising to people who are doing wrong by society, like mask and quarantine protesters, hence recruiting more people to join the dissidents. All of this is fake news because it’s not need, it’s entertainment that people consume, just like any other tv show, that makes money for the corporations.

Should he be re-elected… prior to the pandemic I would have been ok with him being re-elected. I wouldn’t vote for him, but like any addict, they have to hit rock bottom before they get help. And I was hoping that rock bottom would hit prior to his re-election, but I wasn’t sure it was going to happen. It was inevitable that his leadership would lead to a disaster and if it didn’t happen under his watch, whoever inherited this shit show would take the fall. But now I say Donald Trump should not be re-elected because his job of opening people’s eyes to what’s wrong with this country and activating people to address what has been going on for 4 decades with impunity has been accomplished and there’s nothing left but for us to unite as a country and actually make America a better nation.

Politicians want us to fight each other so we don’t fight them. The media fuel this fire by only reporting on what makes them money and all this has lead us to the devastated nation that we are in now. If we unite on what’s right for human beings and stop fighting each other, we have an amazing opportunity to evolve as human beings and provide fairness and equality for all… you just have to lead with love.

The way forward is to stop talking about the president and start addressing problems to the government at large. Trumps worst nightmare is if everyone stopped saying his name. He lives off of negative attention. His base thrive off it. If the left would just shut their mouths and start focusing on solutions rather than problems, we could unite and fix this nation.

I Love Human Beings!

You may have heard of these mythic creatures or maybe even know a few. They do exist and they’re everywhere.! You may even be one yourself.

I want to remind people about human beings because I feel that over the years, particularly more recently, the population has slowly forgotten about the human part in people. I see that individuals are being seen less as human beings and more as belonging to a group or what I call a label.

Instead of being seen as individuals who have different ideas, dreams, goals, preferences, hobbies, creativity, political beliefs, gender, orientation, size, shape, color, age, national pride, and most importantly, love. Love of their family, pets, friends, coworkers, ideas, etc. Everyone is unique and no 2 people are exactly alike so it’s unfair to judge a person based on your perception of the label you’ve slapped on them.

The problem nowadays is that we’re grouped under a label, and as such, we’re accepted or rejected because people have a general preconceived idea of the label and judge the label and not look at an individual’s attributes.

Look at how people judge republicans, liberals, immigrants, etc. They don’t know the people, they just know the label and love or hate accordingly. Even the perceived worst of the worst have some good in them and are loved by someone; like me, because I love all human beings… equally!

As part of my journey of removing hate from my life, I needed to take a long hard look at the people around me. And I had to stop judging people because I didn’t see them as an individual; I saw them as the label; I slapped it on them and judged them accordingly.

The dilemma here is that I was judging people without even knowing them. It wasn’t until I started talking one one one with people of all walks that I began to understand that just because a person is affiliated with a group it doesn’t mean they’re all-in to everything the group stands for. Most of the time, the label describes the crazy outliers and not the people who moderately support an organization or person.

SInce I came to realize individuality, and became more self-aware, I was able to embrace love fully and, consequently, accept every human being into my heart equally. As a result, I stopped judging people completely. Along with this new found love for my fellow human beings, I found love for myself which was sorely lacking my whole life.

Of course there are people who do things I don’t agree with based on my own beliefs, but that doesn’t stop me from loving them. I am able to separate the human from their actions, and as such, I can still love the person but disagree with their actions. I don’t have to let them into my life. I just need to love them and set healthy boundaries so I can avoid conflict and consequently keep them in my heart.

This way of treating people with kindness and not casting judgement has had a profound effect on me not only mentally, but physically and spiritually as I’ve found that loving people means that they don’t live in my head. I don’t have to sit around constantly brooding about how much I hate them.

Hating someone only hurts yourself. It’s like taking poison to kill someone else. The person you hate most likely doesn’t know or care if you hate them or not. Moreover, when you hate, you lose a piece of yourself and jeopardizing your personal serenity. Those who hold on to hate are allowing that person or label to occupy your mind. They then have power over you and can affect you negatively every time they open their mouths.

When you lead with love, you not only get the satisfaction of being the bigger person, but also your mind isn’t clutter with useless thoughts which could be better spent on positive activities.

Love you!

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I Love Dog Poop!

There is no greater non-human companion you can have in your life than having a pet. Whether it be a snake, rat, pig, or cat, people love their babies as if they actually birthed them.

Regardless of your pet of choice, dogs are the one pet that causes the most controversy. The root of the problem is the act of picking up puppy presents that inevitably happen during multiple daily walks.

In most cities you can walk down any street that has high doggie traffic and find a puppy pile laying on someone’s lawn or sidewalk. For some people, this is an affront to all that is holy in the universe. How irresponsible could you be, as a dog owner, to not pick up after your child! They go to social media like Nextdoor or post pictured ‘Wanted’ posters around the neighborhood to shame and ‘educate’ the villains. Their speech is hateful and degrading as they try to control the actions of people in their community.

I can empathize with their distaste for this problem as no one wants to go around dodging doggie land mines especially when your eyes are planted on your phone and you don’t see the crap trap before it’s too late.

The way to solve the problem is not by dropping f-bombs, demanding people change their behavior, or playing poop police for your entire neighborhood. The way to make any positive change is through kindness.

When someone feels attacked they are instantly in a defensive position. They’re not listening to your message; they’re defending themselves and their sole goal is to win the argument no matter how many facts, figures, or public statutes you cite supporting your case. In order to affect positive change is to attack the problem from a place of love and compassion.

My personal approach is to just pick it up and poo it forward. I don’t assume the offending feces was intentionally left behind by a thoughtless owner. I’ve been in the position where I’ve run out of bags when my dogs output exceeded the number of bags I brought. Though I do go back to try and find it, sometimes it’s not possible.

Getting angry does nothing but make you miserable. So the take away, other than a poop bag, is to take a kind and gentle approach to change people’s thoughts, behaviors, or actions or just be the bigger person and do a favor for a neighbor. A little love goes a long way.

Love you!

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I Love Pandemics

The world I WILL be pursuing, as we all weather this storm, will be one of love, compassion, and equality for everyone.

This pandemic is a sign. If you believe in a power greater than yourself, you can call it a message from god or whatever deity you prefer; if not you can call it a wake up call. I call it a gift.

Everything the people of the world are witnessing and experiencing right now is the beginning of the end. Not the annihilation of the world, but the end of the world as we know it. The world has been building to this point for centuries. I don’t believe in prophecies or a judgement day, but I do believe in seizing the moment.

The old world we’ve been inhabiting for the last 60+ years has improved technologically beyond our wildest dreams but declined ideologically to the darkest pools of mire.

The old world of bias and bigotry, of inequality and imbalance; and of intolerance and hatred of our fellow human beings has run its course and it’s time to put down our actual and preverbal guns and open our arms (at a safe social distance) and embrace our fellow human beings.

We need an end to governments and those entities who tangentially control them who treat its citizens more like slaves and masters rather than equal human beings. The time and evidence now before us demonstrates that we all are entitled to equal rights and protections under the law regardless of color, size, age, health, party affiliation, sex, orientation, origin, preference, nationality, wealth, education, crime, langage, family, et al…. Equal to have a basic standard of living that everyone can afford and attain. Basic to not have to ever worry about food, healthcare, education, or a safe place to live ever again.

The signs were evident for a very long time, but we walked past them or looked the other way as it suited us. We’ve been beholden to a toxic political system where leaders are selected, of all political leanings, who put their personal agenda above the general welfare of their constituents. Where we as people slap labels on swaths of the population like ‘Republicans’, ‘Liberals’, ‘Corporations’, ‘Muslims’, ‘Christians’, ‘Latinos’, ‘Asians’, ‘Whites’, ‘Blacks’, ‘Blue or Red’ and make them friend or foe accordingly.

Public discourse has devolved to isolating ourselves into bubbles of like minded people by blocking any dissenting viewpoint while simultaneously berating, belittling, and down right disrespecting people who have differing perspectives on the world because they’ve been grouped together under a label.

We, as human beings are all individuals, not labels. We all have unique experiences, affiliations, fears, ideas, and goals. We all deserve to be treated with respect and need to treat all human beings equally. We can respectfully disagree with the actions or beliefs of an individual or organization, but respect the underlying human beings who may belong to an organization as they may or may not subscribe to every covenant that is associated with the label. We need to learn how to engage in thoughtful constructive communication where we speak to each other, not at one another, with respect and agreeing to respectfully disagree when you can’t come to a consensus. Speaking from a bully pulpit degrading large swaths of people or organizations (aka labels) does not unite us, it separates us and polarizes everyone.

These old ways of division are over. We’ve all been humbled down to the same level across the globe. We’re all finally equal… equally scared, equally uncertain, and equally vulnerable.

The end of the world, as I see it unfolding in front of me, is a moment in history where the world is slowing down, sputtering along, slowly winding down around us as it gets ready to shutdown, upgrade, and reboot.

Where the signs were surreptitious in the past, in the current environment they are clear; you can see them blatantly everyday. A disease that is growing exponentially that could could potentially kill millions, if not hundreds of millions of people; the panic and fear across the globe; the empty store shelves, hoarding of food (and for some crazy reason toilet paper); people who refuse to quarantine because they’re more afraid of a bill than the potential to spread a potentially lethal disease; and through it all we are still holding on to the ineffective ways of communication by degrading and attacking people with whom we don’t agree. This division has many culprits, from the media to political parties, but it is we as human beings who allow it to continue to propagate.

As we are living today, in what seems like the worst of humanity, I see the future post-pandemic world taking shape. I see people reaching out to friends, neighbors, and people they don’t even know extending a hand of peace, love, and assistance to those in need. I see a government that is begrudgingly acquiescing to enact programs to help those in need after decades of dismantling social programs that could have aided in quelling the rampent spread of this virus in this country in particular.

This is our moment for every human being on the planet, to shape the new world. To unite around ideas and solutions that protect everyone. It’s time for Earth 2.0.

It’s not going to be easy and we’ll most likely not get it right the first or fiftieth time around. But we can continue to thrive for a better world around the common goal of equality and social security for all.

Like any disaster, it’s starts with panic, fear, and selfishness to fend for ourselves during a time of unknown. But as is also true in the aftermath of any disaster, the true human nature takes over and people exit their homes, if they are so fortunate to do so, and help the community rebuild. And that’s exactly what I am already seeing and plan to do as we move forward.

I wish everyone, whether we agree with each other or not, good health and safe passage through this historic global event.

Love you!

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I Love Conflict

Once upon a time, on a Galaxy phone not too far away, I thought of online or personal conflict as an opportunity to battle to the proverbial death.

As I used to be a first responder when it came to attacking thoughts or ideas that didn’t align with mine, whether it be face to face or online, I used anger, rage, belittling, berating, and down right insulting people with whom I disagreed. As I saw it, everyone was entitled to my opinion and I salivated at the chance to confront anyone on any topic.

During my reign as a verbal and literary terrorist, I was perplexed that very few people were surrendering to my demands to think like me. My remarks were cutting, witty, and most importantly, I was RIGHT! Of course there were those who completely agreed with me and consequently fueled my mission to clone the world consciousness to my will. I encircled myself with my troops of like minded people and pushed away the enemies.

I, of course, was not a unique player in this global game of mind control. But I finally gave up the fight as the 2016 election truly pushed me over the edge and after spending years of battling to have my views understood, I finally got so frustrated I just threw up my hands and surrendered. I shut my mouth and distanced myself from social media as well as the rest of the world.

During my isolation from social battling, I took some time to reassess my life. I was suffering from depression and anxiety as I felt that the world was coming to an devastating end and I had the solutions, but no one was listening. That’s when I discovered love; not just the love of a person or thing, but the love of everything.

After studying with spiritual and kind hearted people, I learned that being ‘right’ is a perspective, not a license to freely treat people abrasively based on differing perspectives. This was a life changer for me. It made me understand and empathize with other people and their perspectives. Because a single hateful rant on Facebook doesn’t convey their pains, experience, goals, dreams, or, personality. This is when I changed my approach to communication.

Where I used to take the offensive hateful approach, I started listening more and talking less. In doing so, I started to learn that starting a conversation from a place of love, rather than hate, I found that people were more receptive to what I had to say. In fact I starting talking about the importance of love and empathy in all conversations. And the more I practiced these simple techniques, I found that I was actually achieving my goal of imparting my views on people; and though we didn’t always agree on all points the other party almost always agreed that my approach of leading with love was the way we all should be communicating.

Being kinder and gentler in my approach to civil discourse had a profound effect not only on me and my hope for the world but also those I spoke with as well as with those with whom our ideals did not align. It did so much for me personally as I finally found a way to communicate and felt like I was being heard.

With my new found powers of love and compassion, I felt energized and went back online to practice these skills back on social media. Regrettably, these skills do not translate to the land of social-online-distancing. I found no matter how kind or non-confrontational I was in my discourse, I was treated as I was before; the enemy for not agreeing with their views. I can’t say that I was surprised, but I did have hope. I just had to accept that the online world doesn’t promote unity and the sharing of ideas, but rather social bubbles of like minded people who literally or figuratively block people based on perspectives.

I understand all too well this realm of perpetual discontent as I was a perpetrator in the faceless semi-anonymous avatar-world that is social media. This was my main reason for starting this blog as it gives me a platform to share my journey of replacing hate in my life and the world with love and hope.

My new way of interacting in the various nebulous clouds is to guide people to use kindness and love towards the people they are trying to influence rather than language that promotes anger, division, and hate.

Ultimately, I’ve found these skills I have acquired are best used in face to face discussions. When you have to look someone in the eye, it’s much more difficult, for most good people, to be cruel, dismissive, or unreasonable. It doesn’t, however, prevent them from sprinting in the other direction when they see you coming.

You can’t change the world by screaming at it, but you certainly can one person at a time when you lead with love.

Love you!

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I Love Hate

Yes sir, you got that right… I LOVE me some hate. Before I get into why, let me first explain this blog.

I’ve been pondering this idea for the last couple years and I really didn’t know how I wanted to express myself. All I knew is that hate had become so incredibly toxic in my own life and I feel like it’s tearing the world apart.  

I first set out to remove hate from my life. When hate arises in me whether it be traffic, politics or when McDonald’s doesn’t put the lid on my cup correctly, I sit back, take a breath, and find the good in the situation. In doing so, I’ve found that life, people, and situations that surround me have gotten a lot easier to accept, and this in turn has greatly improved my quality of life.

I came up with the idea that ‘All Hate Matters’ because it’s a bit of a double-entendre. On one hand it’s a blog where I intend to discuss all matters of hate from politics to avocado toast eaters and everything in between. In addition, the name of the blog is exactly what I’m trying to say; All hate matters, it has significance and importance in the world, because there is no good hate. If you’re hating on someone, something, or somewhere, it matters. It matters because it’s toxic to the hater and in general hate is not a way forward. It’s not a way for us to evolve to the next level. The only thing hate does is keep us from understanding each other, communicating, and making the world a better place to live. So ultimately, I want to save the world; one topic at a time. Lofty dreams I know, but ya gotta start somewhere, right?

When I try to talk about hate with people, I leave the conversation like a losing beauty pageant contestant; like I tried to exit stage right then was pushed the other way because I was supposed to exit stage left, tripped on my gown and now I’m stumbling across the stage in shame with my tiara hanging from a tuft of hair, I have lipstick smeared on my teeth, my mascara is running down my face and I have a general feeling of ‘what the fuck just happened?’ I know that sounds a bit over dramatic, but it’s really so frustrating trying to get people to see things in a different light. People get so stuck on making their point on why their hate is justified they refuse to listen to anything that doesn’t support their views.

When I first started writing I had a really tough time because I wanted the title of each article to start, ‘I Hate…’. In my head, when I think of the phrase ‘I hate hate’, it sounds like a perfect I-have-no-idea-what-the-fuck-to-say beauty pageant answer that would end with, ‘… and world peace.’

As a person with ADH<squirrel>D, it’s hard enough to get my point across without getting derailed or diverted to another subject. What I needed was a way to organize my thoughts to clearly and succinctly get out my message out without distraction (and the ability to edit). It’s really hard to get my message out with people trying to inject their opinion, usually hateful, before I’ve even finished my explanation; especially when I start out with “I Love President Trump” (stay tuned for that one). Therefore, I feel this blog will be the perfect medium for this kind of content. 

As I’ve been trying to start this blog the thought of where to start has been swirling in my head. ‘At the very beginning…’ conjures tunes from ‘The Sound of Music’ in my head and how can you think about hate when ‘Do-re-mi’ is dancing through my mind?

Beginning my articles with ‘I Hate…” left me with a lot of topics of hate that I’ve overcome or want humanity to overcome, but not a lot of content to back it up. It was like the hate was holding me back. It wasn’t until I started to lead with ‘I Love…’ that the words started flowing. For this, I really must credit a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”. Whoa! That blew my mind… that’s exactly what I want people to get out of this blog which is to find the love in the world and tone down or eliminate the hate.

So there you have it, I love hate; because as I identify and eliminate it from my life, I’m hoping that I can pass on my experience to others and maybe make this world a little bit happier.

I hope you enjoy the journey with me and learn to love a little more in the process.

Love you!